An Interview with Interior Designer Laura Lakin

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Laura Lakin Design (photography by Juliet Murphy Juliet Murphy -

We interviewed London-based interior designer Laura Lakin to discuss her creative practice, personal design philosophy, and incorporating art into a space.

Kim: What inspired you to become an interior designer? Talk to us about the journey from starting out to where you are now, and what you love about what you do.

Laura: I'd previously been working for Walt Disney in PR and although I loved elements of the job I missed being creative.  Interior Design had always been on my radar but I was put off by the thought that it was a very competitive industry and I didn’t know where to start.  As soon as I found my course at Inchbald design school, I signed up and had one of the best years of my life.  It was an intense year but it taught me enough to get started on my own.  There are a lot of things I love about my job - getting to know my clients and their aesthetic and creating concepts for the interiors, choosing fabrics & finishes and of course the final install - ‘the cherry on the cake’!

Kim: How would you sum up your design style/aesthetic?

Laura: I think I adapt my style to suit my clients but if I had to describe it I would probably describe my personal style as classic contemporary but also a little bit eclectic.  I like to mix old and new. 

Laura Lakin Design ft. salon hang (photography by Juliet Murphy -

Kim: What has been your favourite project so far?

Laura: Probably the project I completed most recently - my own little house in Peckham.  I really wanted this to be an exercise in how to design a small space and make it work for you.  It’s only 50sqm but in my mind it feels bigger and I love how cosy it is. 

Kim: Have you developed your own personal design philosophy?

Laura: Don’t follow 'the standard rule’ - what works for others may not necessarily be right for you or your home.

Kim: In your view, how does art impact a space?

Laura: For me art really shows a lot about peoples personality - it’s definitely a way to express yourself and in some cases it can really pull a room together.  I love it when clients tell me that they have a lot of art and I need to incorporate it into a design.  


Laura Lakin Design ft. Patricia Cain artwork (photography by Juliet Murphy -
Laura Lakin Design ft. Jorunn Mulen artwork (photography by Juliet Murphy -

Kim: Have you got any tips on how to incorporate a client's art collection into your design? 

Laura: Think about which rooms you’d like certain pieces in and how you want them to be lit.

Kim: Please select three works in the Broth Art stable and tell us why you like them, and where you'd invisage them hanging/sitting. 

Laura: ‘Avo’ and/or ‘Moonless’ by Maureen Nathan, and place these on gloss lacquered walls. I love the colours and simple organic shapes. I also love Pum’s collages and think they’d look great in a contemporary well designed guest cloakroom. One of my favourite things to do is actually put art instead of a mirror above the basin in this room of the house- keeps things interesting and gets people thinking.

Moonless by Maureen Nathan

Laura Lakin Design ft. artwork by Kieran Austin (photography by Juliet Murphy -

To view more interiors by LAURA LAKIN DESIGN visit her website-

Photography courtesy of Juliet Murphy

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