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Jorunn Mulen offers us a porthole into her serene studio in Bergen, Norway. Like a lot of countries around the world, Norway is in lockdown forcing many of its citizens to work from home. Jorunn, however, is no stranger to this having spent the last nine years painting in her home studio.


"My studio is part of the townhouse where I bought my apartment. My daughter was only 21⁄2 years old when I started working in this space, and as a single mum, it was necessary for me to have a studio in my home. When I was planning my studio, I knew I needed a space where I could feel calm and let my thoughts flow. Because I like to work undisturbed, a peaceful atmosphere was very important. Sometimes I enjoy listening to music, whatever will set the right mood, while other times I need silence — this little hidden and private space does just that."



Having gained an MA in Illustration and Authorial Practice, Jorunn centres a lot of her painting around words and narrative. For several years now, Jorunn has drawn inspiration from the local stories she hears and people she meets while on her annual residency in Apricale, Italy. Sadly, this year's trip has been put on hold. Not deterred though, Jorunn will keep making work from her sunny studio in Bergen.

Browse available work by Jorunn Mulen here.

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