Blemish | Solo Exhibition of Work by Roddy MacNeill

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Roddy lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. Having studied graphic design at Glasgow School of Art Roddy has gone on to pursue a career as an abstract artist, making works that investigate colour, form and texture.

Roddy MacNeill presents 'Blemish' a solo exhibition of art, which he made almost exclusively while in lockdown. Enlightened by his time spent outdoors, examining patterns and textures found in both nature and the urban environment, Roddy's mixed-media works reveal a new heightened awareness of his surroundings. Interested in the visible affects of time, using a range of materials and methods, Roddy replicates weathered surfaces like rusty metal, peeling paint, and sun-bleached wood.

Roddy MacNeill 'Thibaut' mixed media 2020

"Paint, ink and marker are added and subtracted, highlighted and obliterated. They are bleach-sprayed, hose-battered and Brillo-padded in a chaotic but controlled way until they achieve the balance I'm looking for." Roddy MacNeill (2020)

In the same manner that erosion and decay are processes that manifest in random ways, Roddy's experimental practice often cultivates the most unexpected results. He says, "It is freeing not being fully interested in the result but more the process." The finished article, however, carries with it all the marks, imperfections, blemishes and indentations that make Roddy's work so honest. By embodying a natural process that is just as random as it is inevitable, Roddy engenders an acceptance of life itself that is both humbling and liberating.

Browse Roddy MacNeill's art here.

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