Daryl Rainbow

Daryl Rainbow graduated with a BA in Illustration from Camberwell College of the Arts. He lives and works in Hackney, London.

Born in the Philippines but raised in London, Daryl likes to create images based on his observations through living and growing up in London since the 1990’s. "In an age that is defined by the influence of the smartphone, the resurgence of Nike TN’s, the rise of the avocado and pop-up brioche bun/pulled pork stalls; I am equally irritated and delighted by the fickleness of modern London living. Themes of gentrification, technology, and youth culture heavily fascinate my work"

Rainbow is currently working on ‘Still Life Featuring’ - an ongoing series of still life/digital illustrations that reference lyrics from landmark albums and moments from our most-loved TV shows.

'Existential Grafitti'  is another continuing series of work by Daryl Rainbow. This is a digitally illustrated series. It depicts urbanised scenes and facades of buildings vandalised with taglines incongruous to troubled-teens and more akin to a hipster's existential dilemma.