Veronique Paquereau: New Artist

Veronique Paquereau is an artist based in Nantes, France. Her celestial portraits adopt a mixture of oil, collage, watercolour and printmaking. Paquereau comes from a family of printmakers, and aside from her artistic practice, works as a tapestry and carpet restorer. These influences and artisan skills culminate in her recognised style and use of texture, pattern and layering. 

Paquereau's timeless works on canvas are reminiscent of paintings by turn of the 20th century painter, Gustav Klimt. Many parallels can be drawn between the contemporary artist and Klimt's decorative style and delicate depiction of the female form. However, despite similarities, Veronique Paquereau is unique in her own right, employing present-day disciplines and portraying the modern day woman. 

Veronique Paquereau's work is sold extensively across Europe; exhibited in Paris, Amsterdam and London. You can see more work (available to buy) here. 


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