Roderick MacNeill

Roderick MacNeill is an award winning visual artist from Glasgow. Having studied at Glasgow School of Art, MacNeill cut his teeth as part of the Glasgow creative Collective ‘1030’ alongside experienced textiles weaver Andy Robertson, fashion designer Alan Moore and artist James Houston. Having since expanded his practice through involvement with Glasgow Print Studio he developed his collaborative work, most notably, with London-based textile designer Catriona McAuley. Roderick has exhibited in numerous venues across Scotland’s cities, including most surprisingly a solo exhibition at Krispy Kreme in Edinburgh as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

MacNeill won first prize at the Borrowed Space exhibition ‘Loch Life’ with his entry 'Depths of June' resulting in a solo show ‘Now is Then’. His latest installation, a commissioned mural at CodeBase in Edinburgh, has sparked an interest in the introduction of scale to his practice.

His work crystallises latent, subconscious fragments of his childhood; such memories often triggered by inconspicuous synaesthetic markers. MacNeill uses a multi-layered approach employing an exploration of colour, pattern and texture in an attempt to translate these de-ja-vu like experiences. Whilst recognized for his accomplished geometric style and bold use of colour, Roderick’s compulsion to create results in the constant evolution of his practice and a dynamic and varied portfolio.


Individual Art for Individual People