Patricia Cain

Formerly a lawyer, Patricia Cain is an artist based in Dumfries, author and researcher who completed her PhD through the practice of drawing at Glasgow School of Art. Her practice (drawing, painting, sculpture and public art) is intimately connected to her interest in skill-lead art-making processes, the value of these as First Person research methodologies and the importance of teaching and encouraging skill in this era of concept-led Art Education. Trish exhibits nationally and internationally, winning both the Threadneedle and Aspect Prizes in 2010. Her recently acclaimed major exhibition at Kelvingrove, Drawing (on) Riverside,exposed the nature of practitioner knowledge to a wider lay audience through the observation and response to the construction of Glasgow’s new Riverside Museum which has subsequently been likened to Dewey’s study of the nature of method.

"I am involved with the idea that you can make something terribly complex and through making it, it becomes nothing. I often seek this absence though a process that involves intense scrutiny.

Invariably, my work is on the cusp of both abstraction and figuration - a place where observation turns inwards. For me, energy is fundamental. The dominant energy resides in empty space: it is the absence or negative space that activates the artwork, yet also makes it unstable.

Resonating with concerns in science, I connect with the idea that the artist operates as a self -referencing system of processes, where thinking occurs through the body, and the exchange of process and energy leads to continual transformation."

Individual Art for Individual People