Isobel Church at Town House, 5 Fournier St (17th - 25th of September)

Ode to Erin and Daniel  by Isobel Church Paper Cast of hurricane

This coming September for the Shoreditch Design Triangle, Church has created a bespoke window display for Town House. Ode to Erin is a series of paper reliefs cast from meteorological imagery of hurricanes Erin, Ode is an act of remembrance for the passing of these fleeting yet continual phenomena.  Each cast represents a form of memorial stone, tracing the extreme turbulence of the eyewall alongside the calm inner eye of the cyclone, and preserving them for posterity in the fragile medium of paper. With their anthropomorphic names, these pieces might be alternatively be seen as portraits; records of turbulent, ephemeral lives. 

Further to Isobel's bespoke window display, she will be exhibiting a series of multi-media works and prints centred around the Moon and Mars. 

Isobel Church is a London-based sculptor, who recently completed an MA with distinction at the Royal College of Art. With a background in Anthropology and Chinese art, her work draws on scientific mapping and discovery through the lens of ritual and material culture. Church is interested in how an object can bring the unfathomably large or ancient into the realm of the intimate and familiar, creating tactile connections with that which is vast, distant or ineffable. Combining traditional methods with modern technology, the works include a variety of materials, from porcelain and Chinese ink to concrete and found objects.

Hypolimnas bolina by Isobel Church 50 x 50cm Chinese ink on paper
The top hemisphere is based on a 1968 Soviet image of the far side of the moon and the lower half on a microscopic photograph of a butterfly wing. The title, Hypolimnas bolina, comes from the Blue Moon butterfly, a New Zealand species

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