Lucy Gray

Lucy Gray lives and works on the West Coast of Scotland. She uses the skills she gained during her sculpture degree (Central school of Art and Design 1st class BA Hons ) and her subsequent training in furniture restoration to create her beautifully made transformstive mixed media sculptures. Her specialist work as a master gilder and lacquer restorer are clearly reflected in her work. 

'I am fascinated by natural forms and their presentation as / transformation into precious objects that was so highly prized by collectors in the Victorian era. The lymph system of a porpoise infused with mercury (on display at the Hunterian collection in Glasgow) was the inspiration for ' His love in my bones ' a sculpture  made of gessoed and gilded ivy that explores the feeling of the presence of The Holy Spirit. I work in mixed media, often combining traditional techniques with modern materials'

Lucy Gray's work is born out of a desire to communicate and her process is often the unravelling of an emotional response. 'A clear example of this is 'Black Bone' in which I explore the feeling of rejection within a friendship. Or the result of meditation on an idea'. Gray's recent exhibition at The Scottish Gallery entitled 'The Journey of St Columba' worked through the stages of a spiritual journey expressed in various shell forms, the central sculpture being 'Trinity'.

Individual Art for Individual People