Build: Patricia Cain - Solo Exhibition 30 September - 30 October 2016

BROTH art ( is delighted to launch an exhibition at L’Entrepot showcasing multi-award winning work by artist Patricia Cain.

Cain spent 4 years on site at the Zaha Hadid-designed Riverside Museum in Glasgow while it was under construction. Working in pastel from sketches made during these visits, she deftly captured the skeletal structure of this celebrated example of modern architecture. The resultant series of work attracted awards including the Threadneedle Prize (2010) and the Aspect Prize (2010) and paved the way for further accolades, such as the RWS award (2014) and the Arte Laguna Prize in Venice (2014).  

The recently late Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid is well known for her groundbreaking designs, which seem to defy gravity and upturn basic principals of engineering with their gigantic swoops and curves. Her design for Riverside Museum, which the Guardian described as one of her ‘most direct’ is no exception. Featuring a roofline designed ‘as if squeezed from a gothic tube of toothpaste’, the building has a seamless fluidity, which betrays nothing of its construction. Cain’s work exposes the complex process of creating the apparently effortless folds of the museum’s  striking ,  zinc panel-clad roof.

Zaha Hadid said of the project:

“Patricia Cain’s work on the Riverside Transport Museum brilliantly captures a singular moment of the build: uniquely documenting the geometric complexity and structural integrity of the museum’s design.”

Cain’s work on show at L’Entrepot highlights the dynamic relationships between art, architecture and industry. While representational, her meticulously rendered pastels of this towering construction site emphasise its inherent abstract forms. Cain is driven by the belief that the artists’ role is one of the observer and to capture moments in process, she explains.

“Invariably, my work is on the cusp of both abstraction and figuration - a place where observation turns inwards…The dominant energy resides in empty space: it is the absence or negative space that activates the artwork, yet also makes it unstable.”

Today’s cities across Britain are seeing unprecedented regeneration and rapid development.  The landscape of East London in particular, is a life-form that continues to grow and redefine itself. Build is a series of work that records the process of change and brings our attention to the impressive feats of engineering that are so quickly eclipsed by the architectural outcome.

Build, L’Entrepot, from 30 September – 30 October 2016

Opening hours:                   Tuesday – Thursday  3pm – close

                                             Saturday - Sunday 11am - close

Address: L’Entrepot, 230 Dalston Lane, London E8 1LA

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About Patricia Cain

Formerly a lawyer, Patricia Cain is an artist based in Dumfries, author and researcher who completed her PhD through the practice of drawing at Glasgow School of Art. Her practice (drawing, painting, sculpture and public art) is intimately connected to her interest in skill-lead art-making processes, the value of these as First Person research methodologies and the importance of teaching and encouraging skill in this era of concept-led Art Education. Cain exhibits nationally and internationally, winning both the Threadneedle and Aspect Prizes in 2010. Her recently acclaimed major exhibition at Kelvingrove, Drawing (on) Riverside, exposed the nature of practitioner knowledge to a wider lay audience through the observation and response to the construction of Glasgow’s new Riverside Museum which has subsequently been likened to Dewey’s study of the nature of method.

About l’Entrepot

L’Entrepot lives on Dalston Lane and is run by three friends. Inside the space is attractive, huge ceilings in a warehouse style setting that caters as a restaurant, a gallery, a place to sit and have a coffee and a bar that procures stock from local, independent breweries and distilleries as well as an exciting selection of wine from around the world. L'Entrepot launches a brand new menu this September, spearheaded by Angus Henderson, a pupil of Raymond Blanc who has travelled extensively, cooking around the world. Henderson has taken l'Entrepot's long standing affinity with French cuisine and elevated it with whole-food, fresh and unprocessed ingredients, while introducing flavours from some of the countries he has visited. Henderson explains, "I have always felt an obligation to make food that is healthy,as that is how I like to eat, but also to make it tasty, fun and beautiful. 

I think this is simple- just use fresh whole-food ingredients of good quality, focussing on plenty of fruit and veg and minimise processing, refining and added sugar".


Image credits:

Riverside Triptych II by Patricia Cain (170 x 315 cm) pastel 

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