Babak Ganjei

Babak Ganjei is an artist living in London. Raised on pop culture his work blurs the line between reality and narrative, often using websites such as ebay or instagram to interact with the outside world. His series of paintings 'Some Places That I've Lived' recreate a number of instantly recognisable living rooms from 90's sitcoms. "I grew up with television as company and in some ways it may have blurred the line between reality and fiction". 

Since graduating from St Martins, his sense of humour and general stream of consciousness has helped him develop a very broad portfolio of visual art. Recently, his ebay auctions have made it into the national papers and got him some notoriety having sold six twigs, found in his local De Beauvoir neighbourhood for £62, claiming that 'like the Spice Girls, each twig had character'. Other ebay auctions have included a painting of his heavily indebted debit card, and space on his bookshelf.

Ganjei's multi disciplinary practice covers all mediums. In addition to his paintings of 90's sitcom stills sans characters, he has published two graphic novels and last year, illustrated the entire line-up for Visions Music Festival. 

Individual Art for Individual People