Andrew Sinclair

After gaining a BA (Hons) in Fine Art (drawing and painting) from Duncan of Jordanstone, Andrew Sinclair has been receiving much recognition for his style of painting, exhibiting across the UK and generating an impressive following, which include the likes of TRH Duchess and Duke of Rothesay. Andrew's work is noted for its confident portrayal of the human form. Over the years he has perfected his distinctive style of painting by combining a number of techniques and influences. His palette of rich, earthy reds and oranges are similar to that of the sixteenth century Venetian movement, while his depiction of light adopts the traditional method of 'chiaroscuro', a style of painting employed by the likes of Velasquez and Rembrandt that involves using strong contrasting tones to create volume and atmosphere. Andrew, although quite traditional in his approach to painting, is quite expressive, working in the manner of 'alla prima'. The west coast painter gathers inspiration from the wide variety of cultures and characters he encounters both locally and abroad. Some of his work depicts his time spent in the Middle East and Africa but much of his work portrays the evanescence of West Highland community

Individual Art for Individual People